BootSlip is a device that makes putting on ski boots, fishing wader boots, work boots, or any other type of boot much easier. It folds up into a small unit for easy travel, is durable, and easy to use.

The BootSlip is guaranteed for 180 days from the purchase date for personal use. If it fails in any way during that time, return it with the receipt and Symbiotes will replace it at no charge. Commercial use guarantee (ski rental shops, boot retail stores or equivalent) is 45 days from date of purchase.

BootSlips are made in Anchorage, Alaska USA.

To use the BootSlip just lay the siliconized fabric down the rear inner surface of the boot. For boots that have a separate liner and shell, you can insert the plastic tab of the BootSlip between the liner and the shell at the rear of the boot to hold it in place while you put your foot in the boot. The end of the fabric of the BootSlip should just reach the bottom of the boot at the heel area. The BootSlip makes your heel slide easily into the boot.

After your foot is in the boot, rock your foot forward slightly to help release the BootSlip and pull it out with the handle.

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